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  Here are a list of downloads available for Kaybot.
The program source and binaries are available at the
project web site here. All other third party and module
downloads can be found on this page.

Module Description
Trivia An advanced trivia module with teams points and customizable questions. (In production)
Botnet An advanced botnet system utilizing our own encryption and protocol. (In production)

Version 1.4.1pre1

Source tar.gz
Source tar.bzip2
Binary RPM
Binary DEB


04-23-03 - Changed over from GModule to DL library for module interface. Gtk+ interface is still available but not by default.

04-07-03 - Back from Spring Break and getting back to work!

04-14-03 - Alright! Progress! 1.4.1pre1 released with tar's and RPMs!

Past News


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