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Document Description
Kaybot Hacking Guide Information on coding and hacking the ugly code that is Kaybot.
Build HOWTO Howto Build Kaybot in a variety of environments.
Configuration HOWTO Howto configure Kaybot for different servers and environments.
Kaybot TODO A list of available and future features.
IRC Protocol Specifications Documents the IRC protocol.
Kaybot Module Howto A simple howto for creating Kaybot modules.

Version 1.4.1pre1

Source tar.gz
Source tar.bzip2
Binary RPM
Binary DEB


04-23-03 - Changed over from GModule to DL library for module interface. Gtk+ interface is still available but not by default.

04-07-03 - Back from Spring Break and getting back to work!

04-14-03 - Alright! Progress! 1.4.1pre1 released with tar's and RPMs!

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