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    Welcome to the Kaybot Homepage!

From the outset of this project in 1996 the goal has been
to create a light weight IRC client that could run as a robot
to protect and aid in the administration of channels. The goals
have evolved to include module capabilites, botnets, and a
sophisticated user system.

Kaybot has been compiled on the following systems:

Arch OS
i386 Linux
Sparc Solaris
i386 Cygwin

Here you will find a collection of information, documentation,
and downloads pertaining to the Kaybot project as well as IRC
in general!

This site contains links to various IRC documentation including
protocols and specifications, as well as client and server down-

If you have an interest in joining our project feel free to email
me with any questions or comments.

Contact Me

Version 1.4.1pre1

Source tar.gz
Source tar.bzip2
Binary RPM
Binary DEB


03-06-03 - Started testing today! Adding more features too!

04-29-03 - New crypto works! Some commands were added today, CVS is updated as well as the TODO list!

04-14-03 - Alright! Progress! 1.4.1pre1 released with tar's and RPMs!

Past News


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